The Best Book Friendships

“You have been my friend,” replied Charlotte. “That in itself is a tremendous thing.”

— E.B. White, Charlotte’s Web

Readers are often given the chance to watch their favorite characters become friends, looking on as they meet, bond over shared circumstances, and eventually begin to trust and let one another in. Our favorite book characters usually have a steadfast companion by their side, who offer their constant support, affection, and loyalty. No matter the genre, every book has the potential to create the iconic duos readers are drawn to. The literature department has compiled a list of our favorite book friendships, admired for their strength, intensity, and sincerity.


Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase from the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan

Although they are an unlikely pair, Percy and Annabeth become close friends throughout the Percy Jackson series, always protecting each other from both the dangers of mythological beasts and the trials that come with being a teenager. Percy is sarcastic, impulsive, and carefree, whereas Annabeth is responsible, hardworking, and critical. At first, the pair frequently argued and disagreed, but eventually learned to work with each other. Percy and Annabeth eventually become a great team, and more than that, they become good friends who are always there for one another. Percy has gone to the ends of the Earth to save Annabeth, and Annabeth has thrown herself in front of Percy in the face of danger. The pair start dating towards the end of the series, but it is their pure and strong friendship that draws readers in and makes these characters so lovable.


Evelyn Hugo and Harry Cameron from The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Evelyn and Harry have had a complicated history, but they have always stuck beside each other. Even though both of them are quite callous and calculating at times, they are completely genuine and supportive of one another. They even had a child together, and had a platonic marriage. Harry and Evelyn are an excellent partnership, and even refer to each other as “a certain type of soulmate.” Although their personalities are very different, they have similar goals in life, and you can always trust that they will put each other over all else. Besides that, they are also great business partners. Harry works as Evelyn’s producer, and they always collaborate on projects together. Harry is the main reason Evelyn’s acting career skyrocketed. Although they have a unique relationship, throughout the book you can see that they stick by each other without a doubt.


The Tree and the “Boy” from The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

This book focuses on the relationship between the “Boy” and a tree, where the “Boy” takes all the tree has to offer, from her apples to her leaves to even her trunk. Although the book initially seems to highlight the relationship between the tree and the boy, as time goes on, the friendship can be interpreted more as the relationship between nature and humanityman. Especially due to the time period, that relationship is more important than ever. The tree has always been there for the boy, while the boy constantly takes from it until the tree has nothing left to give. Only when the boy realizes that can he finally appreciate the tree. That is the predicament the world is in now. The tree is dying and humanity is the boy just starting to realize it. Although it may seem sad, it is heartbreakingly beautiful to see the perspective of the narrative from the tree. The tree forever loves the boy and the friendship between them, despite how infuriating and painful it may be, which makes  this relationship the most special kind there is. 


Juliette Ferrars and Kenji Kishimoto from the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi

Throughout this dystopian series, Juliette and Kenji become an iconic and well-loved friendship, always there for each other during difficult times. They comfort each other when they’re hurt and lighten the mood of the situations they’re in. Juliette comes to Kenji about her “boy problems” and Kenji gives her his full support and advice, always there when she just needs a friend to talk to. Additionally, Kenji helps train Juliette’s power so that she can control her abilities and prevent herself from unintentionally hurting anyone. In exchange, Juliette listens to Kenji whenever he’s at his breaking point and helps him just like he does her. Kenji even expresses to her how difficult it can be to joke around even when he himself feels down. The two trust each other with all of their problems and see through each other as they work together towards their shared goal of changing the future of their world.


James and Takanashi from Academy of Blood by Brad Martin

A platonic sun and moon duo, what’s not to love? At first, the friendship is very one-sided, with James determined to stay away from relationships and Takanashi just as determined to break through James’ shell. But, the quiet, introverted, and vaguely threatening James meets his match in the outgoing, lovable extrovert Takanashi. With plenty of persistence on Takanashi’s part, James ends up pretending to accept the offer of friendship, thinking that it was only to progress in his mission to assassinate the school. However, things don’t work out the way he planned, and he ends up forming a genuine friendship with Takanashi and a few others. Takanashi’s liveliness brings just the right amount of pure-heartedness into James’ rather bleak life, and James’ more put-together personality brings Takanashi to a calmer level. The two complement each other wonderfully, and it is plain to see that the bond between the two is a special one.


Olive Smith and Anh Pham from The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Despite the book primarily focusing on the romance between Olive and Adam, the deep friendship between Olive Smith and Anh Pham is something to highlight, especially since it propelled the plot. Despite Anh dating Olive’s ex-boyfriend in the beginning of the book, Olive is genuinely  happy for her best friend and wishes the best for her. However, Anh, despite seeming happier with her new boyfriend, continues to express that Olive is her ride or die, and is willing to drop anything for her. Olive’s own worry about Anh’s love life is what begins the love story within the novel, but the friendship between the two prevails throughout the chapters. Anh and Olive are strong, smart, and independent, and they stick together through it all. The intellectual pair are a great example of true friendship in the present-day college setting. 


Daisy Jones and Simone Jackson from Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Among the countless things to love about this book, following fictional singer Daisy Jones and her partnership with rock band The Six, was the connection between Daisy and her best friend Simone. Daisy faces many challenges throughout her life and isn’t always the easiest person to get along with, but that never stops Simone from making sure she is okay and safe. No matter where in the world both women are at any time or how famous they get, they always think of each other and stay in touch. At a particularly low and lonely moment for Daisy, she calls Simone in the middle of the night, and Simone tells Daisy to imagine both of them as beams of light – even though they’re on different sides of the world and living completely different lives, they’re both always shining just for each other to see. One can only hope for a friend that will accept them the way these women have accepted each other.