Crumbl cookies: are they worth the hype?


Jacqueline Hong, Staff Writers

Critic Rating: 8.5/10⭐️

By now, many Townsend Harris students have seen advertisements on social media where people are trying Crumbl cookies. There were many mixed reactions on social media over these cookies, sparking our curiosity over whether the cookies are truly worth their virality.

One immediate con was the location of the only Crumbl cookie shop in New York is in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The line was not very long, only requiring about 15 minutes of waiting. The shop was small and aesthetically pleasing, appealing most to kids, teens, and young adults alike. 

The stars of the show, the Crumbl cookies, are made right in front of the customers and are considerably larger than a standard cookie. The menu holds a variety of flavors that routinely change, giving customers a variety of options.

Surprisingly, I found the Crumbl cookies quite delicious. The cookies were soft on the inside, incredibly sweet, and packed with flavor. The buckeye brownie was a classic chocolate cookie topped with chocolate and peanut butter.  The cookie butter white chip was a thoughtful combination of cookie butter and white chocolate chips.  The strawberry cake cookie consisted of a sweet vanilla strawberry cookie, strawberry frosting, and white chocolate pieces. The wait and the commute was absolutely worth it for these sweet, whimsical flavor bombs, definitely living up to the hype.

Buckeye Brownie
Cookie Butter White Chip
Strawberry Cake