TXT’s New Album “The Name Chapter: Temptation”: Let’s Talk About it

Lynn Eo, Staff Writer

RATING: 10/10


TOMORROW X TOGETHER, often shortened to TXT, has done it again with an album that you’re sure to remember. The boyband brings something new and refreshing to K-Pop with this album by experimenting with different genres and music styles. TXT opens a new door for K-Pop, and it’s sure to welcome new fans into the community. 


Sugar Rush Ride

“Sugar Rush Ride” is the official title track for TXT’s new album, Temptation. This track was a standout compared to the rest of the album. It was much more upbeat and the music video perfectly matches the vibe of this track. The producers use the beach and the forest setting a lot in this music video to give you a sense of mystery while making you yearn for more of TXT’s music. The deeper messages behind the lyrics also let us listeners reflect on the music to really appreciate it. At first glance the lyrics seem to describe a sweet treat, something simple and innocent. However, TXT simultaneously sings about a lover and how they seem to be “addicted” to them. This song has a unique melody since you can hear some whistling and a lot of backing vocals throughout the song. This adds to the ambiance and successfully creates the overall vibe TXT was trying to achieve.


Devil by the Window

The next track, “Devil by the Window,” follows a different melody and incorporates a vast variety of instruments, creating a completely different sound from some of their other tracks. When creating the melody, there are very loud electric guitars in the background which add a heavy metal vibe to the song. Since this song is fully in English, it allows non Korean speakers to be able to sing along to this song. The lyrics “I scream and shout, but no one’s round” make the listener feel isolated but still present with the music. 


Happy fools (feat. Coi Leray)

“Happy Fools” is the third song of TXT’s album. While the collaboration was unexpected because of how different the artists’ music styles are, I can say now that I am not disappointed. This song heavily incorporates American pop music with upbeat melodies and fun lyrics, perfectly fitting for “Happy Fools.” It’s definitely leaning more towards American pop than K-pop, but this song is still a great addition to the album. 


Tinnitus (Wanna be a rock)

This song uses a very neutral melody that gives a calming vibe. TXT incorporates different beats from different styles of music in this track, proving their versatility. “Tinnitus (Wanna be a Rock)” draws inspiration from afro beats, a genre we have seen gaining popularity this past year, while also maintaining their pop roots. They were able to combine their voices well to blend the two genres together. The lyrics and unique beat makes the song a very addicting listen. Listening to this song gives me a boost of serotonin everytime I listen to it and I feel like it fits perfectly with the styles of music I enjoy. 


Farewell Neverland

“Farewell Neverland” is the fifth and final song of this album. Similar to “Devil by the Window,” this song also uses a loud guitar and drum for the foundation of its melody. This song also uses the guitar to build into a heavier and stronger sound for the chorus, and builds up anticipation in the pre-chorus. The track includes a humming verse that provides a smooth contrast to the loud sounds previously present in the song. I found this one to be my favorite song from this album because it stands out from the rest of the album. I really enjoy listening to the pre-chorus and how it starts slow in the beginning but picks up the pace throughout the song.

The Name Chapter: Temptation is an album to remember. Whether or not you have listened to K-Pop before, this album is definitely worth a listen. TXT is the second fastest artist to surpass 2 million album sales is a huge accomplishment. They are also gaining many awards and a lot of recognition not just from Korea but globally as well. This album demonstrated their musical talents and their versatility to be able to experiment with their music.