Turn any table into a desk with these three tech accessories

Adam Sayah, Technology Review Editor

A desk is, in essence, a table, but desk accessories can make any bland table a more productive space. These three tech-related desk accessories save space and time, making a great addition to any workplace. 


Tabletop Vacuum


Eraser crumbs haunt students of all ages, but with a tabletop vacuum, these fears can now be squashed. The small plastic machines simply cruise over eraser crumbs or paper shavings, leaving a messy desk as pristine as when it was new. Most tabletop vacuums are powered by batteries and feature a small canister where unwanted debris gathers. 

While the vacuum tested is no longer available, many similar vacuums can be found online for around $15.00.


Mini Portable Fan and Charger


Heat and studying are a notoriously bad combination, but not any more. With a desk fan air can better circulate, creating a seemingly cooler environment in a matter of seconds. While most fans are large and cumbersome, the Qushini Mini Power Fan is quite the opposite. Measuring around 5 inches in length and a little more than 1 inch in diameter, the Mini Power Fan is extremely portable, even coming equipped with a lanyard and cap that covers the plastic blades. This cap doubles as a stand, with a rubber grip on the top of the cap to prevent the fan from slipping. The fan has two speed settings — fast and faster. It’s surprisingly powerful and quiet too, making it great for long study sessions. 

The battery life is also notable: The fan can be powered for 2 hours per charge, although using it as a power bank can drain the battery more rapidly. The 2000 mAh battery can be charged using a micro-USB connector (unfortunately not the more modern USB-C), and can charge devices via a USB-A connector, both of which are located on the bottom of the fan. 

The Qushini Mini Power Fan can be found at MoMa.com for $30.00.


Vertical Laptop Stand


Although laptops continue to grow in size, the space on the average desk does not. To unlock this valuable real estate, a vertical laptop stand, such as the Twelve South BookArc, rotates laptops so that they only cover a fraction of their previous footprint. The BookArc sandwiches laptops between two silicone strips held in place by a sturdy aluminum frame, ensuring that the laptop does not move when secured in place. To create the most precise and aesthetically pleasing bond with most Apple Macbooks, Twelve South offers a variety of silicone strips that ensure compatibility with supported models and two colors of aluminum, the typical silver and “space grey.” While the BookArc is not designed for Windows laptops, vertical stands for other brands’ laptops are sold online. 

The Twelve South BookArc can be found at BestBuy.com for $59.99.