Outer Banks Season 3 review: the good, the great, and the uncertain

Anonnya Debi, Staff Member

Critic Rating: 9/10


The highly anticipated third season of Outer Banks has arrived, and it does not disappoint. The show continues to deliver thrilling action, stunning visuals, and exceptional performances from its talented cast. However, while this season is certainly entertaining and engaging, there is one major issue that prevents it from being a perfect 10/10: the lack of a clear direction for the future of the show.


First, let’s talk about the good. The story picks up right where season two left off, with the Pogues on the run from the law and trying to clear their names. The stakes are higher than ever and the tension is palpable. The action is non-stop, with each episode building upon the last to create a sense of urgency and excitement.


The cinematography in this season is also exceptional. The show continues to make full use of its stunning coastal location, capturing the beauty of the North Carolina coastline in all its glory. The lush green forests, crystal-clear waters, and sandy beaches are all expertly showcased, making viewers feel as though they are right there alongside the characters.


The show’s cast also managed to deliver great performances.. Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline continue to shine in their roles as John B. and Sarah, maintaining an impressive level of  authenticity and emotion. The supporting cast is also excellent, with standout performances from Jonathan Daviss, Rudy Pankow, and Madison Bailey.


However, despite its strengths, there is one major flaw with this season: how the future of the show will continue to play out. While the story is exciting and engaging, there is a sense that the plot does not have much room to expand beyond this season.


Without spoiling anything, it is fair to say that the events of season three wrap up many of the major storylines and leave little room for future development. This is not to say that the season is poorly written or executed, but rather that there is a sense of finality that leaves fans wondering where the show can go from there.


Of course, the show is still very much worth watching. Season three positively adds to this gripping breathtaking series that fans of the show will undoubtedly enjoy. Still, it does leave a sense of uncertainty about the way that the show will continue to develop following the end of season three and whether it will be able to maintain the same level of suspense in future seasons.


Overall, season three of Outer Banks is a well-crafted and entertaining continuation of the series that fans are sure to enjoy. The action is non-stop, the visuals are  appealing, and the storyline simply came out to be phenomenal. However, the uncertainty of how the plot of season 4 will be presented is a major flaw that prevents the show from being a perfect 10/10. I would definitely recommend Outer Banks to anyone looking for an adventurous and lively series to watch.