Lockwood & Co. review: for once, a great Netflix adaptation

Bakhsish Kaur and Rabtah Jinan, Film & TV Review Staff Writers

Rating: 10/10


Released on January 27, 2023, Lockwood & Co. is a new Netflix show that was based on a British supernatural thriller book series written by Jonathan Stroud. It imagines being in a world where ghosts are rampant and the only way to combat the ghosts are through children and teenagers. Focusing on three teenagers: Lucy Carlyle, Anthony Lockwood, and George Karim. We follow their lives in their ghosthunting agency called Lockwood & Co., the only agency run purely by teenagers. Despite all three of them being main characters, the show is centered around Lucy Carlyle, who has a powerful ability of being able to listen to ghosts. The show starts with her running away from her hometown to go to London, where she meets Lockwood and George, who have started this unconventional agency.  

The show does a great job of making us fall in love with the characters, as we grow to love watching their dynamic with each other as well as the characters themselves. The best part of the show is watching the trio mess around with each other. You can see that the actors’ chemistry with each other in real life translated onto the screen. Besides the dynamic between the trio, we also grow to love the relationship between Lucy and Lockwood. The show does a great job of conveying their slow-burn romance on screen by making their relationship obvious to those surrounding them and to the audience, while the characters themselves are oblivious.  Out of all of the characteristics of the show, the most interesting plot line is the relationship between Lucy and Lockwood because of how well it’s portrayed, and that’s really what inclines you to keep watching the show.  Despite the show leading them up to a romance, we never see Lucy and Lockwood actually get together or even realize their feelings toward each other. We are only left with moments where we can see the tension building between the two when they are left alone. For romance fans, this is the perfect slow burn, and it leaves you wanting to watch more, just for the tension to break.

In addition to the character dynamics, the show also does a really good job at worldbuilding. The intro gives a great overview of what is happening and catches you up on prior events without taking up too much time. I thought this was an interesting way to go about it as most shows tend to fill you in on information during the actual episode but this show decided to take an unconventional route and it worked. The only thing I would have to say about this is that most people tend to skip the intro and won’t get the context that is needed, but even if they do so it is still possible to understand the show. I skipped the intro the first few times but got really into the show towards the end and watched the intro to see if there was any content I was missing, which helped clear up a few things for me.

Besides just the basic worldbuilding and making a world where these ghosts exist, the show also did a great job on establishing the superpowers. Following our main character, Lucy Carlyle, we get thrown into the world of ghost hunting right away. While most children are able to hear ghosts, her ability to listen is stronger than most of the population. The ability to see or touch the ghosts is visible in our other main characters Lockwood and George, but since the show is from the perspective of Lucy, we actually don’t see or feel what the other two do. The way the directors decided to create the show from Lucy’s perspective was quite fascinating since most shows have more of an omniscient point of view. Besides the abilities themselves, the ghosts are an essential aspect of the show. Lucy’s powers allow her to feel the ghosts pretty intensely, and the show does a good job of establishing this connection between Lucy and the ghosts. Since we feel and see what she does, the translation of Lucy’s attachment to ghosts is shown beautifully on screen. 

Overall the show is amazing, I genuinely loved it and have rewatched it over three times now. It delivers for me on plot and worldbuilding, just as a supernatural thriller should. When watching this show, I initially wasn’t too interested in it, but this show captivates you to the point where you are obsessed with it.  I would definitely recommend this show for you all to watch as it is the perfect pastime.