Despite losing some of its spark ten movies on, Fast X still has thrills for fans old and new

Arvin Gaul and Sameeha Khan, Staff Writers

Rating: 7/10

Fans of the Fast and Furious franchise can always expect cars, explosions, and family to be the backbone of these action-packed movies, and Fast X was no exception. The film certainly included many elements anticipated by viewers, such as a power-hungry villain, Dominic Toretto’s superhuman feats, and unpredictable plot lines that featured unexpected celebrity cameos. Viewers are kept on their toes throughout the entire movie, which inevitably closes on quite the cliffhanger. While the fast paced, action-packed scenes are difficult not to enjoy, the multitude of random plot lines may not thrill everyone— especially for viewers who value a clean, linear storyline. The lack of closure towards the end of the film may leave one to reflect on areas where Fast X might have disappointed long-time fans awaiting a tumultuous tenth movie. 

While unfinished plots from the past might have left fans desiring more, there are several new aspects of the film that might aid in captivating the audience. One of these new additions to the story is the role of Jason Momoa as Dante Reyes, the son of Hernan Reyes. As the movie recaps, Dante is set on revenge after the crew stole his father’s safe in Fast Five, where they strapped it to their Dodge Chargers and dragged it through the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Dominic has to face the consequences of his own advice, having said in a previous film: “Don’t ever mess with another man’s family.” This backstory allows long-time fans to revisit an iconic scene, while also giving their newest villain a solid motivation for vengeance. What new fans may enjoy is the flamboyance of his psychotic character. Dante is definitely extra. Not only does his metallic lavender nails match his Chevy Impala, but his choice of destruction begins with a weapon large enough to level all of Southern Europe. He carries out his plan in extravagant ways through acts of symbolism and deception to avenge his family’s fortune. Overall, a vibrant villain like Dante Reyes brings a new spin to the typical grim demeanor of his predecessors. 

Although the antics of Dante provide ample entertainment, a certain essence of the franchise seems to be missing. The car scenes have been revamped, but not in the way many viewers would  like to see. We see the film briefly featuring new electric cars such as the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT EV Concept and the Delorean Alpha 5, but they never fully have their moment. The electric cars were just props as Dom would only drive his Chargers throughout the film. This might show some hesitation in using these cars due to a large fan base that expects combustion engines and newer cars. Fast X may receive backlash from car enthusiasts since the cars that were featured seemed to merely be  statement pieces, like the gold Lamborghini Gallardo. When the Fast and Furious franchise first made its debut, cars were initially the focus of the movie. However, the car-loving community could potentially be left unsatisfied by the lack of range in the cars utilized in the film. Fast and Furious has notoriously showcased the efficacy, speed, aerodynamic performance, and other abilities of various vehicles, which differs from Fast X’s presentation of cars as aesthetic commodities and impressive visual props. Unfortunately, there was only a single race scene in the entire film, providing only a limited scope of what the potential of these featured cars is. Despite poor portrayal of modern car technology, the further development of new-age spy work and organized crime allows the franchise to appeal to viewers of today, even if original themes of the movies are left behind.

As an old fan, it’s pretty easy to follow along by recognizing patterns featured in previous movies. However, is it necessary to binge all of the previous nine movies in order to enjoy Fast X? The answer is yes and no. The scene from Fast Five is recounted at the beginning of the film, yet many other character interactions are better understood with some previous knowledge. From the perspective of a newbie to the franchise, Youtube explanation videos serve as very useful resources in terms of understanding key concepts. Even if you walked into a movie theater with zero knowledge of the past movies, the fast-paced, unpredictable action paired with the multitude of plot lines are bound to keep you hooked. If you’re still not amazed, maybe you’ll get a good laugh out of the CGI. Some scenes can certainly be a little unrealistic, but with the power of family, I’m sure anything is possible.