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A Review-Based Student Publication of Townsend Harris High School

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Is aespa’s “World” worth a visit?


Rating: 7.5/10


Aespa is a girl group known for their futuristic cyberpunk concept. They intertwine elements of a story into their music videos, creating the baseline for their very own fictional universe. This May, the quartet released their latest EP, My World


“Welcome To MY World”


The mini album opens with a whimsical alternative pop song. The orchestral elements incorporated into the instrumentals definitely elevate the magical ambiance created by the enchanting track. The delicate yet powerful vocals of aespa also give it an edge. Overall, I really enjoyed “Welcome to MY World” — it was the very track that sucked me into the album. The only part I couldn’t get on board with was the bridge. Personally, I felt that it interrupted the flow of the song and was quite awkward sounding, especially as the lyrics are strange and out of place. Particularly, the way that the bridge is phrased is peculiar and it only introduces an elementary rhyme: “this city’s so pretty when your light’s on.” This may have fit in with the song better if the wording was changed to be more natural.




The lead single, “Spicy” unfortunately falls short of the expectations that “Welcome to MY World” had built up. This song can be described as a dance pop track that features a prominent funky synth bass. I found the instrumentals to be too continuous and overpowering despite the attempts for it to match the striking vocals. Though not necessarily a bad track, it doesn’t have that satisfying buildup that you’d expect from a song. 


“Salty & Sweet”


The attitude of “Salty & Sweet” mirrors the preceding track, but its energy is definitely more toned down. Despite this not being the music I usually listen to, I enjoyed this slightly more than “Spicy.” The bridge, pre chorus, and especially the ending have a catchy flow to them.




Unlike the previous two songs, this R&B track definitely has a chiller vibe — it’s groovy but still presents an overall effortless and laid back sound. The fresh, poppy instrumentals and light vocals, which contrast the power-focused “Spicy” and “Salty & Sweet,” blend beautifully to create a summery atmosphere. With its refreshing sound, “Thirsty” would be a great addition to your summer playlist. 


“I’m Unhappy”


“I’m Unhappy” is another one of the slower tracks of the EP.  It’s an electronic pop song that has a melancholic quality to it, as its title suggests. The synth-like instrumental that’s peppered into the song adds a darkness to it. Despite not being extravagant or over the top in terms of production, the chorus is quite impactful. It diverges from the relatively simple melody of the verses and pre-chorus, presenting a satisfying switch-up with the belting, while still maintaining the gloomy mood of the track. This development of vocals from lowkey to loud enhances the emotional charge, accurately depicting the progression of the story. The lyrics detail how the girls bottle up their feelings, but eventually learn to let those bubbling emotions out and prioritize their happiness. Finally, they set themselves free of the burdens holding them back.


“‘Till We Meet Again”


A song dedicated to aespa’s fans, “Till We Meet Again” is a ballad off of the quartet’s latest EP. I would describe the song as having a dreamy K-Drama vibe to it. The track sounds pretty, but considering I don’t actively follow the group’s activities or music, it doesn’t have the same sentimental value to me as it may for others. I found it to be one of the less memorable tracks of My World.

Considering it’s only a mini album, My World consists of a relatively diverse tracklist, with each of its songs having an individual flair. It’s nice to see aespa testing the waters, but as a whole, this EP was just okay — a mix of hits and misses. Half of the tracks were playlist worthy whereas the others were quite subpar. 

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